This 2-day event will be like no other! 

October 23rd - 24th, 2023. From 8 AM - 6 PM


When you spend 2 Days with Dr. Delatorro LIVE IN-PERSON,
there’s something in your life that will SHIFT! 


  • If he changed your life in a 1-hour LIVE Keynote
  • If he changed your life in a 90-second Reel on IG
  • If he changed your life in a 30-minute YouTube Video
  • ​If he changed your life in 5 minutes on The TODAY Show…
Maybe it’s Financial, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, Physical, Professional, or Interpersonal, but there’s SOMETHING in your life and business that is NOT currently in the state that you want it to be!
  • Does your Inner Circle need to SHIFT?
  • Does your Income need to SHIFT?
  • Does your opinion of YOURSELF need to SHIFT?
  • ​Does your Network of Connections need to SHIFT? 
  • ​Does your approach to your Healing Journey need to SHIFT? 
  • ​Does your perspective on Past Trauma need to SHIFT?
  • ​Does your Vision of the Future need to SHIFT?
If the answer is YES, to any or all of these questions…

who will you learn from during This event?

Meet Dr. Delatorro

Rightfully placed in the top 1% of professionals speakers and presenters across the globe, Dr. Delatorro McNeal, MS, CSP, CPAE is a man that brings transformation to the masses. This internationally renowned Peak Performance Expert, keynote speaker, and best-selling author was awarded with the National Speakers Association Speaker Hall of Fame designation (CPAE) in July 2023. He has spoken in 49 of the 50 US states and abroad, delivering more than 4,000 presentations over the past 2+ decades. 

His audiences include major corporations, professional associations, conventions, pro-sports teams, churches, and leadership conferences. His personal mission is always to help individuals and organizations grow to the next level. He has authored six books and over a dozen personal growth and professional development courses.

Dr. Delatorro partners with Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies, professional associations, influencers, marketing gurus, authors, and entrepreneurs to drastically improve leadership performance, organizational effectiveness, employee morale and productivity, teamwork, sales performance, and communication strategies. In essence, he causes others to shift their lives and careers into a higher gear.

His book, "Shift Into A Higher Gear," soared to the top of bestseller lists, including USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. With accolades from the Biden & Harris Administration, he serves as a United Nations Ambassador and is the founder of Platinum Performance Global, LLC. Notably presenting at the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) on four occasions, he comes highly celebrated for creating the Full Throttle Experience and spearheading the Healing With Integrity movement. 

Dr. Delatorro travels the globe empowering diverse audiences with his hard-hitting, experiential, high-energy, content-rich, and paradigm-shifting keynotes, seminars, and extreme team-building programs. When he is not being featured on national syndicated television or presenting on stages, he maintains his life and career by placing a priority on fatherhood.

This Is The Perfect Place To Exceed Your Expectations

Ready To Rewrite Your Story?

before the event

 Overwhelmed with too much info.

 Feeling lost and without direction.

 Not where you want to be in life.

​ Tired of not living up to your full potential.

after the event

 Filled with CLARITY and direction on exactly what you should be doing.

 Feeling CONFIDENT about yourself & your ability to do your own thing.

 A real action plan to create your ideal life by selling what you already know.

​ Ready to take control of your own impact and earning potential! 

before this event

 Unsure of how to unlock your potential..

 Ready for transformation but lacking the inspiration to get going.

 Plagued by self-doubt, fear, emotional instability, and other challenges delaying your progress.

​ Wanting to open doors to new opportunities and collaborations.

​ Hoping to rewrite your future by creating a new narrative for your life and career, taking a bold shift towards a more fulfilling and successful future.

During This Event

 Expect to Laugh

 Expect to Cry

 Expect to DO the WORK

Expect to be Challenged to Change!

​ Expect Dr. Delatorro to “Call you on your BS” 

​ Expect the Dance and Have Fun 

​ Most importantly….Expect the Unexpected! 

Get Your Ticket

General Admission

General Ticket

October 23-24, 2023

  • 2-Day Event Access
  • General Seating
  • ​Event Gift Bag
  • Shift Into A Higher Gear Book
  • ​Shift Into A Higher Gear Workbook
VIP Admission

Vip Ticket

October 23-24, 2023

  • 2-Day Event Access
  • VIP Preferred Seating in the first few rows
  • Exclusive VIP luncheon both days with 
  • ​"Shift Your Speaking Career into a Higher Gear" Strategy Sessions
  • Shift Into A Higher Gear Book
  • Shift Into A Higher Gear Workbook
  • Special VIP Gift
  • Bonus Enrollment into The Shift Online Course
  • ​And More
  • This is your invitation to make Small Changes that will make a BIG BIG Difference.
  • This is your invitation to LEVEL UP in some critical areas in your life and business. 
  • This is your invitation to DO THE WORK…on yourself first, BEFORE helping others!
  • ​This is your invitation to RALLY around other amazing people who MAY become members of your new BIKER POSSE!
2-DAY LIVE IN-PERSON SHIFT SUMMIT | October 23-24, 2023

Tickets Are Going Fast... Get Yours Now!


What Others Are Saying

Dr. Willie Jolley

"Dr. Delatorro is the BEST Speaker Trainer in America. Period"

Les Brown

"In my 56 Years in this Industry I've NEVER Experienced a more Profound Teacher of Presentation Skills than Dr. Delatorro!"

Brian Tracy

"Dr. Delatorro's Speaker Training is One of the BEST in the entire Country. If you want to be a GREAT SPEAKER...go to his program and go NOW!"

Review from Dr. Myron Golden

Here’s Exactly
What You Get!

  • 2 Days Of LIVE Training Starting October 23, 2023 With Dr.Delatorro Designed To Inspire & Deliver The Capabilities You Need To Own Your Future!
  • Access To Our Private Community Created Exclusively For The Own Your Future Challenge
  • You’ll Be Eligible To Win Amazing Prizes DAILY!

Location: Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel
Date: October 23rd - 24th 2023

Frequently Asked Question

Who is this event for?
Honestly, it's for YOU! To be more specific, we welcome those who are serious about their personal and professional development. Whether a keynote speaker or an online influencer, an author or a politician, a marketing & sales professional or an entrepreneur, a community activist or someone who is charged to speak on stages - whoever you are, opportunities and keys for growth will be in the building. So should you be!
Is there a specific dress code?
Casual Business or Business Attire is definitely the way to go. Remember, you never know who will be in the room so dress how you want to be addressed!
What Should I Bring?
The easy answer is to bring YOU! All of your questions, all of your excitement, and even bring your fears and apprehensions. We won't let you leave with those. Otherwise, bring your daily necessities. If you need it when you're home, pack it. For the sessions, it's great to have your business cards and pen & paper. You are allowed to bring snacks as well.
Will meals be provided?
Monday and Tuesday, a continental breakfast will be provided. If you are a VIP Registrant then your Lunch is included, you will be lunching privately with Dr. Delatorro both days. General Registrants are responsible for their own lunch meals. Dinner is not being provided so each registrant (regardless of type) will be responsible for their dinners.
Will there be breaks in between sessions?
Dr. Delatorro will give brief breaks throughout the day. Of course, you are not prohibited from stepping out if the need arises. But please do plan to be as present as possible.
Where will the event take place?
The Shift Summit LIVE will take place at the Renaissance Tampa International Hotel (4200 Jim Walter Blvd. - Tampa, FL 33607).
What airports are nearby?
Tampa International Airport (TPA) - 4 miles
St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) - 13 miles
If arriving by air, how will I get to the hotel?
You are welcome to call the Renaissance and schedule a pickup. Shuttle services are available for those staying at the property and flying into TPA only. Dr. Delatorro and the members of his team are not responsible for scheduling pickups. However, you may call the hotel directly to set this up. Their number is 813-877-9200. Additionally, rental car options and Uber/Lyft are also available throughout the area.
When should I arrive?
While the official Shift Summit begins on Monday, October 23rd, Dr. Delatorro will be hosting a meet & greet event Sunday evening (October 22nd). We recommend that you get into town that afternoon so that you can relax, view the property, and plan for an evening of networking and socializing.

When should I plan to leave?
The last day of the event is on Tuesday, October 24th. You are safe to leave on Wednesday, October 25th.
Will pictures be taken during this event?
Dr. Delatorro does have a professional photographer and videographer on staff. Therefore, pictures and videos will be taken. Your registration and participation at the event gives Dr. Delatorro McNeal, Platinum Performance Global, and all staff and contractors to utilize your images for social media, marketing, website, printed or digital brochures, and any other resources that Dr. Delatorro creates from this event.
Are children allowed?
While Dr. Delatorro is a father and a lover of children, this event is not kid or family friendly. We recommend solidifying other means of childcare before bringing your child(ren) to this event. Registration is not open for anyone under the age of 18.
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